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Learn more about Kenya with the team of avengers producing amazing content and craft campaigns about the places to visit in Kenya. With over 1,254 places to visit in Kenya, spread across the Coast Region of Kenya, that’s awash with a vast collection of historic sites, found mainly along the coast, many of them on private lands; consisted of ancient mosques, ruins, palaces, houses, walls with gates and tombs; and its spectacular beaches: to the hinterland crossed by the Great Rift Valley and wilderness plains that hold some of the most surpassing displays of wildlife. The main task of Turnup in Motion is to bring to life many of these places by creating captivating “motion-content”, to inspire your travels.

Episode 1: Kisumu Instagram Tour

On the map of Kenya, Kisumu, the hub of the west, occupies only a small area, but few counties belong so vibrantly to Kenya’s expanding tourism circuits. Its compactness and its impressive variety enable holiday-makers to pack in many exciting interests which, elsewhere in Kenya, would require much more travel and planning. It is in the heart of the Lake Victoria Basin, its entire southern boundary of about 40 kms straddling the innermost part of the funnel-shaped Kavirondo Gulf coastal indentation on the lake. The road system and position is the best in Western Kenya, and a series of fashionable hotels are attractively sited throughout the county. Along the shores of Lake Victoria you will find no less than a dozen pleasant resorts from where you can wallow in the splendors.

Episode 2: Occupy Olsabuk

At the moment, the Ol Donyo Sabuk area (found to the north) has been the most successful at attracting trippers to Machakos County, largely because of  Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park, the nearby fourteen falls and the Macmillan Castle. However, the fast developing road system will make organisation to other places of interest in Machakos County much easier. The touring profile of Machakos County is only partly developed and there are enormous possibilities for improvement.  Machakos, of course, is a land of variety and pretty scenery, and a good deal of day trips await.  Trippers who arrive at Machakos can choose to hike, walk, ride or drive through some of the many hillsides to be found here.

Episode 3: Masai Mara Magic

In many respects, the Masai Mara National Reserve is, without question, the pièce de résistance of Kenya’s faunal sanctuary, and as far as luxury safaris are concerned few places in Kenya top the Mara experience.  Ecologically, Masai Mara National Reserve is part of the great Serengeti System which is just over the border in Tanzania.  As it goes, the Masai Mara plains scene is timeless but the wildebeest migration is not. Only a few decades ago, when they numbered only 300,000 they came across the border during the migration; but only just.  Now, this phenomena has extensively taken over Mara. In the past century the wildebeest population has decimated several times, mostly by rinderpest. Yet, on any given day of year, the venerable Mara is a place of breathtaking beauty.

Episode 4: Nairobi Instagram Tour

Nairobi is many things to many people.  To some it is a modern business hub connecting all the counties of Kenya, Eastern Africa and Africa.  To others it is the skyscrapers, unrivaled communication and modern infrastructure. Obvious perhaps, safari begins here for many visitors to Kenya, at the Nairobi National Park and Nairobi Safari Walk. Still to others, it is the ethnical melting pot of Kenya.  The people of Nairobi come from far and wide. A large and flourishing county with a population of about 3 million. In fact, Nairobi is all these things. No other city in Kenya offers such contrast, different in many aspects from the quiet life of rural towns.  It is the city of modern cuisine, internationally famous hotels and world class entertainment.  It offers every visitor a warm welcome.

Episode 5: Rhino Translocation

Granted that rhino population declined rapidly throughout its range over the last few decades, almost to near extinction, attributed to poaching stimulated by the illegal trade in horns, beginning in the late 1980’s regular series of counts were established based on a systematic sample to foster conservation efforts. A consensus slowly emerged that if the extinction of vulnerable wildlife species like the rhino was to be averted or weathered, a greater level of integration in the conservation efforts, with tighter constraints on the slaughter of animals, was needed. It is through the unwavering and relentless efforts of both the Government and international conservation institutions working tirelessly to conserve and manage Kenya’s wildlife that many species have leaped from the blink of extinction. Still and all, the conservation game is a very complex one.

Episode 6: Adventures in Sagana

Established in 1990 as Kenya’s premier rafting company, Savage Wilderness is a fun and adventure-oriented getaway cataloged among the most avouched for spots in Kirinyaga County and especially loved for its wild and high-adrenaline sports.  Its biggest trump-card, by far, is the thrilling kayaking circuit that goes over multiple rapids and a 6-ms waterfall. Then, there’s the zip line, mountain-biking and walking trails, rock climbing, bungee jumping, achoring range and its splendid campsite. Savage Wilderness is patronized by an international team of outdoor experts who are adeptly trained to provide the best safety standards.

Episode 7: Ol Pejeta Conservancy

World-famous as a model for conservation of wildlife in Kenya, the 360 km2 Ol Pejeta Conservancy, located west of Nanyuki Town, boasts the largest sanctuary for the endangered black rhino in East Africa. Ol Pejeta Conservancy burst into international fame as the home to the last remaining “Northern White Rhino” in the wild, which was named Sudan. In addition to the 100 plus rhinos that thrive in Ol Pejeta Conservancy, it hosts all members of Africa’s high-minded big five – lion, buffalo, leopard, elephant and cape buffalo – which represent safari royalty. Then, there’s their Chimpanzee Sanctuary which is the only place in Kenya where these rare primates can be sighted. On the whole, close to 1,000 mammals coexist in Ol Pejeta Conservancy and which can easily be spotted in their unique wildlife tracking expeditions. It is located 22 kms west of Nanyuki.

Episode 8: Diani Istagram Tour

7 kms from Tiwi you reach the bustling town of Ukunda, and then taking a left turnoff near Ukunda Police Station along Ukunda-Diani Road for 2 kms passing Ukunda Airport you reach the junction of Diani Beach Road. And lo and behold, along this 22 kms road is Africa’s Leading Beach Destination – 2014 through to 2019 – by World Travel Awards. More than any another place in Kenya, Diani Beach Road has the greatest concentration of holiday resorts, and its plenitude of hotels makes it a guaranteed success for local and international trippers as a sun-and-sand-lover paradise. The beach itself, running parallel to Diani Beach Road, lacks little in beauty and charm and it is certainly Kenya’s most popular beach, liked for its exuberant and dreamy ocean-facing resorts. “It is the most tourist-oriented beach of the so-called South Coast. This is separated from Tiwi Beach to the north by the Kongo River.” Diani Beach is roughly demarcated by the Southern Palms Beach Resort (north-end) and Chale Harbour (south-end).

TurnUp Travel Feature: Villa Raymond

Turnup.Travel features the best kept secret in Diani, Villa Raymond. Set in the serene environment of Africa’s best beach destination, Villa Raymond is perfect for those seeking to get away from it all

Episode 9: Explore Turkana

It may come as a surprise to think of tourism becoming important in Turkana County.  As a destination, it gets a putrid press – which tends to conjure up images of a desert littered with dry bones, sand storms and the worst kind of human suffering.  But, Turkana County is a wildly beautiful place, bewitching even, whose remoteness has preserved it as a natural wilderness. Its claim to fame is that it is the base for one of the most important archaeological sites in East Africa simply known as Turkana Boy Site or Nariokotome Boy Monument.

Episode 10: Tobong’u Lore Festival

Kenya is a land of many festivals.  In virtually every county, major city and town there is a festival of some kind bringing together callers of all ages and from all over Kenya and beyond, for recess, beer and skittles, and everything in between. There’s something for everyone in the 91 Annual Festivals and Events in Kenya, from the traditional galas to the best outdoor fiestas. Some of biggest festivals of international fame are to be found at Turkana County, like Tobong’u Lore. It means welcome home – to the cradle of mankind. Here to get a rare glimpse of the fantastic chignons spotted by the Turkana warriors which is one of the most elaborate hairstyles among the diversity communities of Kenya. The chignons, sometimes reaching down the back almost to the waist, are poked with a few ostrich feathers and long bits of wire which curls backwards and upwards over the head. The chignons are formed by pulling their hair at length and plastering the mass with red clay and animal fat. Some ostentatious styles consist of dead ancestors hair matted together with red earth and plaited on to their own hair.

Episode 11: Lamu Instagram Tour

Everything about Lamu Island seems unique. Its natural beauty and laid back style attracts travellers eager to experience the mystique of the ancient dreamy island. And nowhere perhaps are its exotic ways better displayed that in its 10 annual festivals. The Festivals of Lamu are Lamu Painters Festival (February), the Shela Hat Festival (February), Lamu Yoga Festival (March), Lamu Food Festival (April), Eid-Ur-Fitr (June), Lamu Cultural Festival (November), Lamu Fishing Festival (December), Lamu Triathlon (December), El-Maulid Festival (December) and New’s Years Dhow Race (January). The offer a lens to its awe.

Episode 11: Iten Instagram Tour

Established in 2000 by the masterly Kenyan/Dutch athlete Lornah Kiplagat (4 times winner of the IAAF Marathon), the High Altitude Training Camp (HATC), which is open for both elite athletes and recreational runners, offers top-of-the-line facilities and training regimes for runners. For the more casual runners, the regime is turned-down and mingled with activities like mountain biking, tours to the villages and trekking.  Some of the facilities at the High Altitude Training Camp include a 400 ms all-weather tartan running track, a gym, two saunas, a 25 ms heated swimming pool, and its single or double rooms – with hot water.  Sites found nearby HATC include Kerio Valley, Kerio View Hotel and Kamariny Stadium.  It is located about 300 ms before the turnoff to the Kerio Viewpoint.

Season 2, Episode 1: NairobaeIGTour

‘New Perspectives’ is the latest edition of the Nairobi IG Tour, more commonly dubbed, “#NairobaeIGTour“. Turnup.Travel, in collaboration with Peri Peri Go, curated a cultural exchange aimed at capturing yet another different immersive experience of Nairobi on 7th September 2019. Turnup.Travel has previously organized four successful Instagram Tours in Nairobi, giving credence to the fact that Nairobi is becoming more and more of an International metropolis.

Season 2, Episode 2: Escape to Elementaita

At most times of the year, Nakuru County hosts many visitors from Nairobi and its environs seeking a weekend or longer away from the city. Part of its winsome charm is a wildly beautiful drive. Just 30 kms from Nairobi, beyond the turn off to Limuru, is one of the most majestic and outstanding sights of Kenya.  This, of course, is the breathtaking view of the Great Rift Valley. ​Here, for thousands of feet below, stretching as far as the eye can see, the floor of the valley transforms with the changing light. A display of nature’s brutal subterranean forces hewing out in the rugged terrain of the Rift Valley many features of astounding beauty. Generally speaking, Nakuru County is of immense importance – both nationally and internationally – with tremendous opportunities for tourism development.

Season 2, Episode 3: Tales from Tsavo

Taita Taveta County is divided into three major topographical zones. The upper zone, suited for horticultural farming and comprised of Taita, Mwambirwa and Sagalla Hills regions with altitudes ranging between 304 and 2,208 ms. In the midland zone, west of the ‘coast range’ bordering Kwale and Kilifi Counties, the terrain drops deeply into the Nyika Plateau which has a gently rolling relief and gradually rises further inland, where goodly hills, most notably of Kilibashi and Kasigau predominate over.  The lower and transitional zone of Nyika Plateau is consisted of the vast plains where there is ranching, National Parks and mining.

Why We Travel

“We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next to find ourselves. We travel to open our hearts and eyes and learn more about the world than our newspapers will accommodate. We travel to bring what little we can, in our ignorance and knowledge, to those parts of the globe whose riches are differently dispersed. And we travel, in essence, to become young fools again- to slow time down and get taken in, and fall in love once more.” – Pico Iyer